Brian Bokor

Brian Bokor – Florida Certified Residential Appraiser – Appraisal Services ASAP, Inc

24x7x365…#’s & more #’s…thrown right from college into the “high-tech” numbers-driven insurance industry, my fascination of wanting to tell stories using numbers began by developing million-dollar corporate budgets on pencil-written, 13-column worksheets; tabulating results via finger-cramping, 10-key calculator paper-trails 20-feet long & 2-inches wide; then inputting results into a mainframe for upload (anyone remember ANY of these “tools”?)…probably one of the most brain-numbing, detail-oriented experiences anyone would ever want to go through, but one that has stuck with me for almost 30 years.Sure, we got PCs/Excel a few years later, but a foundation built on attention to detail became ingrained in the way I’ve looked at numbers – and life for that matter – ever since.

The knowledge, experience, and networking ties established during my 15+ year corporate career – along with the never ending support & encouragement of my wife and business partner – Sharon – provided a seamless transition from the predictability of corporate life to the frantic, never-ending daily responsibilities of developing, growing, then maintaining our 3 personal businesses (Appraisal Services, ASAP Inc, Bokor Properties LLC, as well as my wife’s Brokerage – Bokor Realty).

So…if you want to talk #’s – anything from a detailed, professional opinion of your property value through last weeks sports scores, I’m always available and more than happy to engage!

Certified Residential Appraiser / FHA Approved RD5784
Foreclosure/REO Specialist
Marshall & Swift (Building Cost Estimator)
AppraisalPort (Appraisal Ordering Portal)
Member: Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, Sarasota on-line Foreclosure Auction Sites

USPAP Compliance
Florida RE Appraisal Laws/Rules
Mortgage Fraud
Supervisor/Trainee Roles/Relationships
FHA & VA Appraisals
2-4 Family & Multi-Family Propeties
Expert Witness Testimony
Neighborhood Analysis
Sales Comparison Approach

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